Team Registration 7-A-Side


Team Registration to be submitted by 20th September 2019.  Higher Tournament Fee applies if full fee is not paid by this date.

NO changes will be made to competition groupings once registration has been submitted

Step 1
Make the payment via Paypal, Credit Card or Direct Debit card
Step 2
Once the payment been made click here to register your team players.

    Reset options

    By ticking the box, you

    1. acknowledge that you cannot change the "skill level" (if applicable) or "Days available to play" once your registration is accepted and
    2. acknowledge and agree to the conditions of entry and to abide by the competition rules below


    1. I acknowledge that soccer is a contact sport and I participate in this competition, which involves some risk to my safety at my own risk.
    2. In consideration of and as a condition of my entry in this competition for me, my respective heirs, executors and administrators, I hereby waive all and any claim, right or cause of action and forever release and discharge all persons, corporations and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in promoting or staging the competition and servants, volunteers, agents, and representatives, and officers or all or any of them which I might otherwise have for or arising out of: loss of life or injury, damage or loss of any description whatever and howsoever caused, suffered or sustained in the course of consequent upon or incidental to my entry or participation in the said competition, and
    3. The above release and discharge shall be and operate separately in favor of all persons, corporations and bodies involved or otherwise engage in promoting or staging the competition and the servants, volunteers, agents, representatives, and officers of all and any of them and includes but is not limited to Adelaide Comets Inc.
    Adelaide Comets Inc. or any of its members will not be liable for any personal injuries sustained at the venue, being Ellis Park (Park 24) Adelaide.
    It is in the interests of each team contact to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the entry form (which requires signatures) and match cards (which require names that appear on the entry form).
    Please note that this is a social competition and should be played in the spirit of the game.
    By signing this Form, the Player (or if the player is under 18 years of age at the time of signing this Form, that Player’s parent or legal guardian) agree to comply with FFA statutes including Code of Conduct and Spectator Code of Behaviour.