Adelaide Comets Senior Women’s players Sarah Chappel and Victoria Mansueto were recently selected by the Federation of Australian Futsal to take part in the 3rd AMF Women’s Futsal World Cup, in Barcelona, Spain, in November of 2017.

The pair who have both been playing outdoor football for 13 years and futsal for 6 years, say that the combination is vital to their playing development.

Victoria who is currently in her second season at Adelaide Comets says that it has helped her progress her game.

“It has helped me personally with my skills and helped me with what I do with outdoor. That is definitely why I wanted to play futsal and why I continue to play it.

“Futsal is more of a social thing than outdoor, but it is still hard. You make friends and it is good to get away from outdoor sometimes and go have fun.

“Even if you don’t want to take it seriously, I still think it is something people should look in to.

“I think the standard here needs to improve, it isn’t big enough here, especially for women.”

Sarah agrees with Victoria.

“It is all split up here, for example, FFSA have a competition and then there are other competitions that are on the side so not all of the top players are playing against each other which is unfortunate because it would help us; so, we just have to play with the boy’s teams or against the boy’s teams.”

The girls took part in the Federation of Australian Futsal National Titles where they took out the Championship and were subsequently selected for a training camp, resulting in their ultimate qualifying for the International competition along with 2 other South Australian players.

Victoria is slightly apprehensive about her first over-seas tournament.

“I am excited and I am nervous. I am not prepared but I will get there.

“I think it will be completely different to what we have experienced. Even though we have both done State, it will be a whole new experience.”

Sarah has taken part in Regional State trips to Fiji and is looking forward to the experience where she will realise her football goal.

“My football goal is to play for Australia and I am achieving it!

“Hopefully it is the first of many trips!,” she said.

As they wait out the months until November, focus is shifted to the 2017 Women’s State League season.

Their side claimed a solid 14-0 win over Croydon Kings in Round 1 on Sunday, but the duo acknowledges there is always work to be done.

“We haven’t been training as much as the other teams have. We do play well together but we need to learn more about where we are and get used to playing together,” said Sarah.

“Because Vic and I have been playing together so long, I know where she is and what she does so we need to get used to that sort of stuff. But we will get there, over time.”

The goal for the season is clear, gaining promotion in to the top-flight competition; the PlayStation 4 Women’s National Premier League.

Both Victoria and Sarah are confident that they have a stronger squad than 2016 and have the foundation to make it.

“We deserve to be in there, we just have to prove it.

“Everyone just looks at us like we are a social team that’s why not too many people came across; the players that were interested in playing here didn’t end up staying because we aren’t in the Premier League which is disappointing, so we definitely have to prove them wrong.”

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