When a coaching vacancy opened up with the Adelaide Comets Under 13 JSL side, 23 year old George Mountzouris and 22 year old George Keramidas took the opportunity eagerly.

Mountzouris, who started with Adelaide Comets in Under 13’s and played through to Under 17’s and Keramidas who played at the Club for 14 years, are both enjoying their first official season as Coaches.

“I always wanted to come back to the Club at some stage, with George and Harry Keramidas and Dimitri Panagis,” said Mountzouris.

“We all grew up together so it was always in the plans to come and do something back here.
“I was coaching at school level for about 4 years and I thought now is the time to make the move to Club coaching.”

The pair saw the opportunity to combine their existing knowledge and build a base, beginning with their Under 13’s.

“Because we are both relatively new at coaching, we thought we could put our experiences together and be more progressive in that way and we are loving it,” told Mountzouris.

“The boys are good and the whole team has a good morale to it. I think the kids like that George and I are younger so we get along well with them.”

Keramidas says that getting involved with Junior coaching has helped him find his love for football again.

“I am enjoying it a lot. To be honest, I didn’t think I would, but I am.
“Seeing the kids develop as players, I found that very fascinating. Even though these players are the ‘B’ team, I wanted to see them grow and progress as players. That is why I am really here, to see their improvement.”

While it is early in the season, Mountzouris is already pleased with the lessons himself and Keramidas are able to teach the Juniors.

“In pre-season we looked really good – we won all of our games and by good margins too.
“We won Round 1, in Round 2 we had a pretty big loss, but that was good in a way. We looked at it as a positive – it teaches the kids that they have to always be focused.
“Just like that, you could lose and you can’t take anything for granted in football because no matter who the opposition is, you can lose any game if you are not mentally prepared.”

Both Mountzouris and Keramidas encourage the younger generation to get involved with the Club, outside of playing.

“If they are interested in coaching and work well with kids, it is something that I would recommend.”

“Helping out the Comets again, coming back to my club and the family environment that I have been a part of for so long has been great. I couldn’t see myself coach at any other club,” said Keramidas.

“I think it is good to have younger blood in Clubs now,” concurs Mountzouris.

“Getting younger people involved in volunteering or coaching or anything around the Club to contribute, it adds to the community atmosphere.

“It is important because in 20 years time, who is going to be the next ‘crop’? We need to start thinking about that now.”