Dear members and friends of Adelaide Comets Football Club,

It is with great pride and relief that after more than 3 years of hard work the club has finally secured the Adelaide City Council approval of its concept plans for its new facility for which it received state government funding back in July this year. Now that we have secured this approval, as promised to many impatient club supporters who have been inundating the committee for more details on our plans, I can proudly now release these concept plans as approved by the council at its last meeting on Tuesday the 10th October 2017.

As you will see from the attached plans, you’ll clearly understand why the club committee and I are so excited and proud of what is in store for the future of our club, best in class facilities that will serve both our current and future needs, including the needs of our friends at Western Districts Athletics and many other local educational and community groups. Truly an exciting and bright future ahead. The architects and the club will now proceed in working closely with the council to prepare and submit more detailed design drawings for the next stage the Development Approval process which we anticipate will deliver the necessary approvals for us to commence construction in the first quarter of next year.

In closing  I also thank the building committee for its efforts, in particular Michael Malavazos and Paul Shannahan, in delivering this project to this important stage and look forward to watching this new facility evolve in front of our very eyes in the coming 12 months. I’ll keep you all posted on the next stages as they progress through the approval process.

Kind regards,
Jim Tsouvalas

Click the image below to see the approved Concept Plans.